What is APOS?

APOS (Asia-Pacific Optical Sensors Conference) has been held every 18 months tracing back to 2008, and continues a series of conferences that are intended to provide a central forum for an update and review of technical information covering a wide range of optical sensing fields from fundamental researches to systems and application. The conference is open to researchers and professionals from not only Asia-Pacific Rim area but also all regions of the world.
  1. Physical and Electrical Sensing
  2. Chemical and Gas Sensing
  3. Biological and Biomedical Sensing
  4. Grating and Component Technologies for Sensing
  5. Specialty Optical Fibers for Sensing
  6. Photonic Device Technologies for Sensing
  7. Technologies for Civil and Construction Engineering
  8. Distributed Sensing and Applications
  9. Multiplexed Sensing and Applications
  10. Imaging and Signal Processing Technologies for Sensing
  11. Novel Concepts for Photonic Sensing
Former APOSs
1st APOS2008: Chengdu, China
2nd APOS2010: Guangzhou, China
3rd APOS2012: Sydney, Australia
4th APOS2013: Wuhan, China
5th APOS2015: Jeju, Korea
6th APOS2016: Shanghai, China